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Escape Velocity Downtown

Escape Velocity is a clean, friendly comic shop with a knowledgeable staff, located in downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado. We specialize in new and used comic books and graphic novels, including titles from mainstream, small press and independent publishers.

We have a huge inventory of back issues - including thousands of comics for $2.00 each - and hundreds of Golden and Silver Age books priced below guide. We also carry action figures, t-shirts, and other comics-related merchandise, plus a complete line of collector's supplies.

Escape Velocity First and Main

Our second store is located on Powers and Carefree in the First and Main Town Center. Come by and bring the family!

Meet the Crew!


Admiral. Steers the EV ship.


Captain. General trivia and comic knowledge master.


Lieutenant Commander. Musician and writer, frontman for the local band, A Bad Night For A Hero.


Lieutenant Commander. Funeral Director. People are dying to see her.


Lieutenant. Craftswoman extraordinaire.


Ensign. Improv guy!


Ensign. Possibly Batman, the two of them have never been seen at the same time.


Ensign. Song writer and bassist for the local band, A Bad Night For A Hero.


Swabby. Crafts and sells custom chainmail products through his website, Titanium Mithril.


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