RHZ First Friday Show - February

Join us on February 6th for our First Friday Art Opening at Escape Velocity featuring Brian Tryon´╗┐ and Miranda Davie! They'll be showcasing their photography, paintings, and various art pieces and demonstrating their creative process live!

Food and beverages will also be provided and it's free to attend!

February Previews Available Now

The new catalog is here with comics you can order in now, to arrive starting in April. A few highlights:

  • Convergence #1 - DC - Brainiac has collected cities of doomed and forgotten worlds, who must battle each other - and the losers will be destroyed! But why is he forcing this conflict? Join the refugees from Earth-2 as they unlock the truth behind this world that exists outside time and space and is very much alive!
  • Rebels #1 - Dark Horse - In a rush of great public resistance to an oppressive and excessive government, a homegrown militia movement is formed in rural America. With the war for independence playing out across the colonies, young Seth and Mercy Abbott find their new marriage tested at every turn, as the demands of the frontlines and the home front collide.
  • Kaptara #1 - Image - Reluctant explorer Keith Kanga and his crew crash land on KAPTARA, a world filled with danger and weird danger and dangerous weirdos! And if he can't survive then earth, the place where YOU live, is doomed! Join CHIP ZDARSKY (Sex Criminals the Duck) and KAGAN McLEOD (Infinite Kung Fu) as they put the "fi" back into "sci-fi" and pretty much disregard the "sci" part in this epic story of punching and love!
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Best Story Ever #1 - Marvel - It's not every day Peter Quill ends up in jai...wait...never mind this happens a lot. But he DOESN'T always get Rocket stuck there with him. And he DEFINITELY doesn't always regale the guards with the BEST STORY EVER!
  • My Little Pony Friendship is Magic #1 Sombra - IDW - This month-long weekly limited series explores the secret origins of the Equestria's greatest villains! What caused Sombra to become one of the most feared ponies in Equestria's history?

More items from major publishers available to pre-order this month:

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