Hold File Subscription Service

Never miss an issue and save money! If you have a Hold File, you can place an order with us.

What is a Hold File?
A Hold File is a subscription service we provide, so that you won’t miss out on issues of your favorite comic series. Tell us what comic titles you want to subscribe to and we'll order them, and then hold them for you for up to 30 days after they come in (Note: variant cover comics will only be held for 7 days). Plus, you get a discount on comics and many other items! Here are the benefits:
- Order 1 to 10 comic titles a month, you get 10% off your comics
- Order more than 10 comic titles a month, you get 15% off off your comics, plus:
- 10% off all special items that you pre-order: graphic novels, action figures, t-shirts, toys, etc.
- 10% off of collector's supplies (bags, boards, and boxes)
- 10% off of all new comics and graphic novels off the shelves
- Access to members-only sales and specials!
- Note: no discount on backissue comics or on variant cover comics

What do I need to set one up? Does it cost anything?
It's free! You just need a working phone number and email address for us to be able to contact you. You must agree to:
purchase your items within 30 days of when they arrive, and
purchase the oldest items in your file first before buying any new items.

How long does Escape Velocity hold the items in my hold file?
We hold comics for up to 30 days from their arrival date.
We hold variant covers for 7 days – no exceptions.
We hold special items that you pre-order - like toys, action figures, shirts and posters - for 30 days. We will notify you when a special order item arrives.

How does ordering and subscribing work?
1. Each month, scan the Previews catalog or online solicitations to find items you want. Links to the solicitations from major publishers are on our website. The catalog and online info describes all of the items that will be published 2 months from now, that you can pre-order now.
2. Visit our Orders page to select new titles to subscribe to, or special items like toys that you would like to pre-order. If you're already subscribed to a comic title, you don't have to order it again.
3. New items arrive in the store every Wednesday. Weekly shipping lists are posted on our website and a reminder of new arrivals is sent to you by email each week.
4. You come in at least once every 30 days to purchase items in your file, oldest items first. You do not pay for any item until it arrives in the store for you to purchase it.

Can I change my subscriptions?
Yes! You can use the website www.escapevelocitycomics.com/orders.html , email, or call or stop by the store and we can update your list for you. You can always add a title the week it comes out. You can remove titles from your subscription list at any time.

What if I can’t pick up my books or items within 30 days?
Just let us if it will be more than 30 days before you can pick up your comics. We're happy to hold them longer, as long as we hear from you. After 30 days we'll notify you that we may pull items out of your file, so we must have a reliable way to contact you (current phone and email). If you get behind, you can always suspend your Hold File or reduce your number of subscriptions to help you catch up.



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